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Andrea Paredes


Our objective is to create a site to communicate who you are, what you offer and continue growing in your brand and the returns it allows you. 

Having a social media content strategy is crucial for the communication of your brand, service or product and the opportunity to let people know who you are. 

You will understand with a strategy what needs to be said, how and why. 

Your brand needs to impact, make a difference in the market and be remembered. 


This allows us to collect emails and have a constant communication to offer our products/services or membership to people visiting our site for a free offer. 

You will also have the option to include this in your website to share different type of content for your audience. This is highly recommended for SEO and creating a digital foot print. 

About us -Bio 


Contact information 


and any additional informative page that is necessary 

25-30 days once all information is provided. 

*Contract will also layout details and terms 

Every project we do is successful because of the active participation of each client in providing information in a timely manner. We will layout everything that is needed and together work towards an end result that you are satisfied with. 

  • Brand creation 
  • -Logo, Color Pallet, Font, Brand Personality 
  • Content Strategy 
  • -What,When, How and Why to post 
  • Sales strategy 
  • -How to sell using our digital products and the process we use.
  • Website Development 
  • -We have different options to benefit your brand and can create something that benefits your digital foot print.
  • 4-5 hrs of training, Website, lead generator, 1 month of content(12 post), graphic image 

We work under a contract and agreement to guarantee our clients the best turn around and results possible. 

Step 1: Once package is chosen, we provide payment link in consequence you will receive contract agreement. 

Step2: We agree on our first meeting to start working as soon as your are available.

Step3: You do not have to worry about what needs to be done, we ask all the questions and guide you in what is needed.