Jennifer Rampersaud


Our objective is to create a site to communicate who you are, what you offer and continue growing in your brand and the returns it allows you. 

With a membership you will be allowed to add value and support to a community that needs your knowledge and services. 



*Chat and connect internally as members 

*Participate in forums or group discussions.

*Access to exclusive content according to membership plan 

*Exclusive membership directory 

*Member profile where they will be able to share all their profesional/personal information and share updates/news/events.


Will allow you to sell apparel, brand products or any other items through woo-commerce.WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress.

This allows us to collect emails and have a constant communication to offer our products/services or membership to people visiting our site for a free offer. 

Here people will be able to hear your radio podcast and if you wish to have video content we can have that as-well. 

About us -Bio 


Contact information 


and any additional informative page that is necessary 

Logo, Color Palet, Brand font, brand personality 


Optimization of content LinkenIn, Facebook, Instagram. Google business listing and recognition on internet search engines. 

*Valid only with full package 

General understanding and clear objectives of brand awareness on social media. How will we show up on social media and what type of content to share and or avoid.

*Valid only with full package

25-30 days once all information is provided. 

*Contract will also layout details and terms 

Every project we do is successful because of the active participation of each client in providing information in a timely manner. We will layout everything that is needed and together work towards an end result that you are satisfied with.