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17 January 2021
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17 March 2020

Aurora Medina

Psychologist specialized in the Psychology of Money, and Wellness Coach. I am delighted to meet you! I am a psychologist with a degree and master's degrees in the US In addition to being a Wellness Coach focused on the physical, spiritual and emotional health of women, I specialize in a field that affects many people today: the psychology of money. Like you, I too have lived through my own trials and tribulations regarding money, weight, and physical and emotional health. My life experiences inspired me to help more people understand and overcome these common challenges. My purpose is to teach you to learn more effective lifestyle methods for your physical and emotional health. Along with your financial well-being, these three things are closely related to women and deserve to be explored with time and care. Contact me today to learn more about my programs and how they can support you in your current situation. Find out how to get more juice out of your life now!

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Desarrollo de plataforma web con herramientas que permitan el la creación de cursos online, perfiles y procesos de estudio y la venta de los mismos con usuarios estudiantes y profesores.