Francine Meyreles
7 October 2021
Aurora Medina
7 January 2021

This person is passionate about helping others achieve financial literacy through the lens of biblical principles. They understand that financial struggles can be overwhelming, and they are committed to walking alongside others to provide support and guidance.

They firmly believe that the Bible offers valuable insights into managing money and finances, and they are dedicated to sharing this knowledge with others. By drawing on biblical teachings, they aim to help individuals develop a healthy relationship with money and create strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Their approach is personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual they work with. They understand that financial goals and aspirations vary from person to person, and they are committed to creating customized plans that take into account the unique circumstances and challenges of each client.

Through financial education and practical principles based on biblical wisdom, this person is dedicated to empowering others to take control of their finances and build a stable and secure financial future.

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