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Brand Coaching.

You need to keep it simple but its important to communicate, connect and sell your service. This coaching is ideal for someone who needs a strategy, clarity and a precise direction of what, when, where and why to communicate your brand and service online.


  • Brand creation.
  • Brand Manual.
  • Content Strategy.
  • 5 hr Coaching Brand/Content

Product/Service Launch.

This is the optimal plan if you need to create, optimize and or revise your service offers. Your offers need to be created to communicate effectively, connect authentically with your potential client so you can sell to them. At the same time that you are looking to serve your client your prices and time invested have to make you a profitable business.

  • Service Package offer.
  • Sales Objectives.
  • Digital/In Person Sales Funnel Strategy.
  • Marketing Material Indications.

I am Kim Decena

Communicating your product and/or service, connecting with your potential client and selling digitally.

Full Digital Setup

This package is ideal for you if you need a full digital package to offer your service. We created this package because it includes all the components that you need to make sure you are covering all the aspects of creating a digital ecosystem that works together to communicate, connect and sell what you have to offer.

  • Brand creation.
  • Content Strategy.
  • Lead Generator.
  • Corporate Website.
  • 4-5 hrs of training, Website, lead generator, Brand graphic image.

Content Strategy.

You need a content plan that speaks to your audience and community.We create your complete content plan for 3 months. We establish the what, when, how, why and where your content is going to be shared. In addition we will talk about turning your content into multipurpose pieces to use in communicating in different ways. The content plan is for 3 months but we meet monthly for accountability and coaching.

  • Content Strategy.
  • Full Content Plan/Ideas.
  • 3 month plan.
  • 1 hr monthly accountability/Coaching.

Digital money machine.

This is the complete package if you are ready to fully optimized and want a team to take care of all your marketing needs. You need us to take care of your complete digital strategy, presence and offers. The idea is to completely set up your money making machine and allow you to shine in being the thought leader behind what you offer.

  • Brand Creation.
  • Content Strategy.
  • Sales funnel optimization.
  • Sales optimization (projection, pricing, sales organization).
  • Service product optimization (Copy, presentation, optimal offer).
  • 6-8hrs of digital coaching.
  • 6 months support (Sales Optimization & Accountability).
  • 1 month of content (12 post) Graphic image .